LIfe is not measured by the number of breaths you take .......

........ but by the number of  places and moments  which take your breath away.

LET Ladies European Tour  This is an example of the Daily Highlight Format of  the  Let Tour Golf World Feed Production. It´s based on a Live-To-EVS Production mixed in an OB-Truck using 4 RF Cameras and 6 to 10  Hard-Wired Cameras on Multiple  Positions moving within  a certain Rotation. The Feed is the basis  Signal for the Daily Highlight  Edit but can also be used for LIVE Inhouse CCTV  Production. On SAT and SUN the setup produces a  3 to 4  hour live transmission.  Felix Marggraff is  Senior LET Tour TV Director and has formulated the production Sceanrio for U.COM Media.

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