LIfe is not measured by the number of breaths you take .......

........ but by the number of  places and moments  which take your breath away.

The 2015 Sportel Awards Ceremony was held under the Jury President Evander Holyfield. International Sports Broadcasting was awarded the Golden Podium Award for "Innovative Use of Mini HSSM Cameras". This Coverage of the European Games was produced by Ursula Romero and the different Sports were directed by  Felix Marggraff, Koen Van Mourik and Ursula Romero. Marggraff´s  Production Company LMC GmbH supplied all Ultra- motion Cameras for the Event in Azerbaijan. Carefully selected Camera Positions and Dynamic Moves paired with up to 350 Frames per Second with built-in deflickering guaranteed stunning Replays for the ISB World Feed.

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